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RTA Parking Test - All You Need to Know

Posted By on Jan 9th, 2024

If you're getting ready for the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) parking test, remember that this is a crucial step for anyone looking to acquire a driving permit in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority conducts a series of tests to decide who earns a UAE driving license. Adequate preparation is key to succeeding in the RTA parking test exams, and with the guidance of our instructors at Excellence Driving, you can increase your chances of passing these tests significantly.

Are you preparing for the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) parking test? Any candidate wishing to obtain a driving permit in Dubai must complete a series of RTA tests. These tests are mediated by the Roads and Transport Authority, which also determines who qualifies for a UAE driving license. Passing the RTA parking test examinations is made possible if you have prepared yourself well, and you can do so with the help of our instructors at Excellence Driving

What is the RTA Parking Test?

The hardest step to do to obtain a license is the RTA Parking Test. You must demonstrate to the officer during this parking test that you are capable of driving and deserving of receiving a license. You will only have ten to twelve minutes to make an impression on the test administrator. 

To succeed, you should have extensive driving experience. At Excellence Driving, we offer you the practical experience you need to be comfortable sitting behind a wheel. 

Also, you need to be mentally prepared for the test, and before taking the driving test, make sure to have your Emirates ID, any necessary photos, your driving record, and a payment receipt along with you. When your name is called for the driving test, proceed as directed by the officer. Drive with assurance and demonstrate your driving abilities to pass the RTA parking exam.


What does the RTA Parking Test Include?

Before taking the RTA driving test in Dubai, you must pass the parking test. It entails a variety of specific parking procedures that you must perform when parking your car. Your performance on this test will be assessed based on your capacity to:

  • Parallel Park: The bulk of the parking spaces in a residential area are parallel to the street, and these are referred to as parallel parking slots. Parallel parking requires you to park your car between two other cars and/or signposts. 
  • Hill Park: Hill parking tests your ability to park the car on a steep slope without rolling backward. 
  • Garage Park: An effective technique to assess your reverse parking skills is to park in a garage, which is what the purpose of this test is. 
  • Angle Park: Angle parking is one of the most important parking maneuvers in the Dubai driving parking exam. You must tilt the car at a 60-degree angle to pass this parking test. 

At Excellence Driving, all of these parking tests are practiced extensively as our arena accommodates the necessary equipment for each of the driving tests. 


What to do during the Parking Test?

By paying attention to the following advice, your chances of passing the test increase: 

  • Pay close attention to the examiner's instructions. 
  • Carefully adjusting your side and rear mirrors can help you find your desired path.
  • Utilize the accelerator and the steering wheel smoothly to regulate the direction and angle of parking.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel of the vehicle for optimal control.
  • When told to halt the vehicle in an emergency, strictly adhere to the examiner's directions.
  • Start the car when the examiner asks you to within 60 seconds.
  • Use your indicators properly when turning.


What NOT to do during the RTA Parking Test?

Your chances of passing the RTA parking test diminish if you do one of the following common mistakes: 

  • In your attempt to impress the examiner, you might act arrogantly. 
  • Exceed the space assigned for parking. The examiner will instantly fail you if you do that.
  • Striking the curb or post. A similar error likewise has an immediate failure outcome.
  • During the hill test, allow the automobile to travel backward.
  • Take longer than expected to perform a certain technique. Parking in parallel takes five minutes, vertical parking takes three, and parking at a 60-degree angle takes two.


What are Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Attempting an RTA Parking Test?

Regardless of the type of parking you are attempting. There are some things you should never forget. 

  • Put your seatbelt on as soon as you take a seat in the driver's seat
  • Check each mirror after fastening your seatbelt
  • Always use the indicators. Turn on the right-side indicator if you are going to make a right turn and the left-side indicator if you are about to make a left turn.
  • Be sure to brake safely. Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Never use the emergency brake.
  • Shoulder checks are also crucial. 

In conclusion, the RTA parking test may seem daunting at first, but with the right knowledge, practice, and a calm demeanor, you can pass it with ease. Remember the key parking techniques discussed here, utilize the tips and tricks to enhance your performance, and don't forget to stay composed during the test. With Excellence Driving, determination, and practice, you'll soon be parking like a pro and on your way to obtaining your driver's license. We look forward to having you! 

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