Put your seatbelt on and let’s start driving with our most popular course. Get behind the wheel and learn to drive through the roads in an automatic or manual car.

Let’s get started

  1. Over the age of 17 years and 6 months? * You have the option to register for Automatic or Manual driving lessons.
    Automatic license holders = Permitted to drive automatic cars only.
    Manual license holders = Woohoo, you can pick your choice of automatic or manual car and get driving!
  2. Got no experience behind the wheel? No worries attend our 20 Hours course and be ready to appear for the RTA test.
  3. Got some skills? Have a license:
    1. Valid license from home country existing between 2 – 5 years = 15 Hours course**
    2. Valid license from home country older than 5 years = 10 Hours course**
    3. Valid or expired for less than 10 years license from any exception countries = Appear directly for the RTA tests

*The license will be issued on completion of 18 years of age, for trainees registering at the age of 17 years & 6 months.
**If you are student holding a license from another country eligible for reduced classes to acquire a UAE license, you must attend a Pre-Evaluation Test examined by us. You can book this through our call centre or by visiting us.

Let’s get organized

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Eye test must be completed before RTA file opening.
  3. A valid visa issued in Dubai
  4. Valid original other country driving license of the same category (if any): License must be legally translated only from Dubai if not printed in English/Arabic. The license must be attested from the home country embassy/consulate if in handwritten and/or in book format.
You may want to look at the details mentioned below -

Female learners wanting to take lessons from a male instructor:

  • If you are less than 21 Years of Age then you need to visit our counter to issue No Objection Certificate.

​Holding a drivers’ visa (excluding Taxi Company):

  • Medical fitness report from the RTA approved medical centre/hospitals.

Transferring your file from other institutes in Dubai/Emirates:

  • Original RTA file from the previous school/institute
  • No Objection letter/status report from previous school/institute.
  • Theory lectures details (if attended)
  • Training Sheet (if practical training has been taken)

Let’s talk money

Let’s go driving with our regular or a flexible plan designed keeping you in mind!


AED 4912.65

  (5% VAT applicable on Excellence Fees) CHOOSE REGULAR
Training Days *
Any 3 days from Sun-Thurs
Training Hours per week *
Up to 6 hours
48 hours prior to the class
Class Timings
08:30 - 17:30
Training fees per hour
AED 100
Fee Details
RTA Fees - 1,350
EDC Fees - 3,393 + 5% VAT
Total Fees - 4,912.65


AED 5752.65

  (5% VAT applicable on Excellence Fees) CHOOSE FLEXI
Training Days *
All 7 days from Sun - Sat
Training Hours per week *
Up to 14 hours
12 hours prior to the class
Class Timings
08:30 - 17:3020:00 - 23:00
Training fees per hour
AED 140
Fee Details
RTA Fees - 1,350
EDC Fees - 4,193 + 5% VAT
Total Fees - 5,752.65


AED 9500

(License Guaranteed)** (5% VAT applicable on Excellence Fees) CHOOSE Lumpsum
Training Days *
All 5 days from Sun - Thurs
Training Hours per week *
Up to 10 hours
24 hours prior to the class
Class Timings
08:30 - 17:30
Training fees per hour
Fee Details
9,500 + 5% VAT
Total Fees - AED 9,975

**License is guaranteed within the amount displayed above, subject to completion of the course and RTA requirements.

* Class schedule is subject to slot availability

We’re a stickler for rules:

  • Always carry your RTA learners’ permit.
  • Punctuality is key! Make sure to arrive for your lessons within ten minutes of your class starting time, to avoid being marked absent. Once marked absent, you’ll have to take a compensatory class by paying for that lesson.
  • We understand the need to cancel a lesson due to circumstances, hence make sure to reschedule or cancel your class with a 48-hour notice to avoid being marked absent.

Let’s look at your journey

The road to acquiring your drivers’ license is through passing a total of five tests!
Please ensure to carry your Emirates ID and RTA Learning permit at all times.

We will begin with theory

Gain theoretical knowledge before getting behind the wheel to build a better match between your thoughts and predictions to excel your practical understanding.
Attending your theory lessons is a must, without which you are not eligible to move forward with your tests and practical training.

What you will learn

  • Lecture 1: Attitude and Responsibilities
  • Lecture 2: Traffic Signs
  • Lecture 3: Managing Risks
  • Lecture 4: Driver Condition
  • Lecture 5: Driving Environment
  • Lecture 6: Rules of the Road
  • Lecture 7: Hazard and Emergencies
  • Lecture 8: Safety Demonstration

Want to learn from the comfort of your home? You can take these lessons through our mobile app. All you need is the Excellence Mobile App and an internet connection. All course presentations will be available on the app for you to refer to whilst studying for your theory test. Our lessons are available in English, Arabic and Urdu for your better understanding.