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Bike Driving License in Dubai, UAE

Highlights of Our Motorcycle Driving Course


Students who complete this motorcycle driving course are permitted to drive automatic and manual transmission motorcycles.


Fresh learner? Enroll for 20 hours to be eligible for the final test.


Learn balancing, control and positioning of your vehicle on roads. Further hone your skills by learning turning and cornering at high speed curves on highways and winding roads.


Students are required to be dressed appropriately with safety shoes, full length sleeves shirt/t-shirt and full trousers, while riding.


Have a valid two-year-old motorcycle license from your home country? You need to attend only 10 hours of lessons provided that the bike license is attested from the home country embassy/consulate if in handwritten and/or in book format.

*The license will be issued on completion of 18 years of age, for trainees registering at the age of 17 years & 6 months.

**If you are student holding a driving license from another country eligible for reduced classes to acquire a UAE driving license, you must attend a Pre-Evaluation Test examined by us. You can book this through our call centre or by visiting us.

Documents required to issue a bike driving license in Dubai, UAE

  • Original Emirates ID

  • Eye test must be completed before RTA file opening.

  • A valid visa issued in Dubai

  • Valid original motorbike license of the same category from another country (if any): the motorbike License must be legally translated in Dubai particularly if not printed in English/Arabic. The motorcycle license must be attested from the home country embassy/consulate if it’s handwritten and/or in book format.

Female learners wanting to take motorcycle driving lessons from a male instructor:

If you are less than 21 Years of Age then you need to visit our counter to issue No Objection Certificate.

Holding a drivers’ visa (excluding Taxi Company):

Medical fitness report from the RTA approved medical centre/hospitals.

Transferring your motorcycle license file from other institutes in Dubai/Emirates:

Original RTA file from the previous school/institute

No Objection letter/status report from previous school/institute.

Theory lectures details (if attended)

Training Sheet (if practical training has been taken)

Holding a partner visa:

Copy of valid trade license.

Working in Dubai, holding visa from another Emirate:

No Objection letter from your Dubai office stating reference of your current employment with them.
*Kindly ensure that the NOC is printed on the company’s letterhead with company stamp and signature of designated authority.

Motorcycle Driving Course Fees in Dubai, UAE 2023

Our motorcycle courses are affordable and feature superior. Check the dubai bike license total fees below:


AED 4860.15

AED 50/per class

  • Week Sequence
    Sun - Thurs

  • Number of hours per week
    6 hrs

  • Time allowed in the class type

    08:30 - 14:30 15:30 - 17:30

  • Minimum Booking duration
    1 hr

  • Maximum class duration per day
    2 hrs

  • Priority of Scheduling

  • No cost rescheduling upto how many hours
    48 hrs

  • Scheduling Interval*
    24 hrs

  • Whether no show is chargeable or not **


AED 5700.15

AED 70/per class

  • Week Sequence
    Sun - Sat

  • Number of hours per week
    20 hrs

  • Time allowed in the class type

    08:30 - 14:3015:30 - 17:30 20:00 - 23:00

  • Minimum Booking duration
    1 hr

  • Maximum class duration per day
    4 hrs

  • Priority of Scheduling

  • No cost rescheduling upto how many hours
    12 hrs

  • Scheduling Interval*
    1 hr

  • Whether no show is chargeable or not **


  • Lecture 1: 
    Introduction to Motorcycle

  • Lecture 2: 
    Traffic signs

  • Lecture 3: 
    Risk Management

  • Lecture 4: 
    Driver Condition

  • Lecture 5: 
    Driving Environment

  • Lecture 6: 
    Rules of the road

  • Lecture 7: 
    Hazards & Emergencies

  • Lecture 8: 
    Safe Driving

Want to learn from the comfort of your home? You can take these lessons through our mobile app. All you need is the Excellence Mobile App and an internet connection. Motorcycle driving course presentations will be available on the app for you to refer to whilst studying for your theory test. Our lessons are available in English, Arabic and Urdu for your better understanding.