Establishing a human experience along with comfort of learning in Excellence Driving

Establishing a human experience along with comfort
of learning in Excellence Driving

The Excellence Driving Centre was launched with a goal to empower and equip communities with driving skills in a seamless, efficient and easy manner driven through the concept of Human First.

With a promise to simplify the teaching method, we bring a human experience that allows the customer to truly enjoy the process of acquiring a new ability and ultimately, skill sets that will be used for life.

With a juxtaposition of simplified digital process and highly qualified staff, we are bringing a revolutionary change to the driving learning industry in Dubai.

  • That’s why we recognize that a driver’s license is not just a driver’s license, but a key to one’s future, career, income, empowerment, and confidence.
  • That’s what has propelled us to continuously innovate, to help our customers reach their potential seamlessly.

Inspired by a nation that constantly strives to make everything possible, we pioneered an experience that makes it easier to pursue your ambitions with an experience that will empower and instill confidence.

  • That’s what drives us to truly understand all the real pain points of our customers, and craft real solutions accordingly 
  • That’s what has guided our understanding in realizing the strength and vulnerability it takes to pursue a driver’s license in Dubai

Whether you’ve never sat behind the wheel before or whether you are looking at gaining a new skill with a different automobile, here at Excellence Driving, we can help you get your license and hit the open road. Our friendly and highly trained driving instructors offer you the best quality of personalized lessons so that you can learn all the essential skills, boost your confidence and finally gain the freedom and independence that comes with acquiring a driving license.


Our Vision

To be the global leader, that continues to collaborate, innovate, and pioneer educational methods and processes within the realm of driving skills, to make mobility accessible to all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a sustainable environment where we grow skillful together with our customers, collaborators, shareholders and employees. We want to create a stronger community by bringing together the finest services and the best technologies. Our aim is to lead the way by building valuable relationships and embracing together the potential of brighter future.

Our Values

Human first
Human First
We have designed all our processes and our product to be human first
We have removed all complexities and crafted our offers, teaching methods, and processes to be simple.
We recognize and enforce the power of teamwork and we truly believe that WE together can create a difference.
Whether it is constantly innovating the driving method, integrating digital efficiencies; we are pioneers relentlessly working together to create an enduring brand.
We honour and embrace the hunger to learn something new every day. Our objective is to motivate every individual to unlock new potential.
With honest and ethical business practices, we are set to build a brand which is competent, trusted and committed to its’ customers
We uphold the highest standards and continually work to exceed expectations