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Dubai Traffic Fines & Black Points (Complete List 2024)

Posted By on Mar 19th, 2024

Driving in Dubai requires strict adherence to traffic rules and regulations. Dubai uses cameras and radars to track traffic and record infractions. If you break a traffic law, the traffic police will issue a traffic fine and might add black points to your record. They will send you an SMS alert within 48 hours to inform you of the law you broke and the fines as well as black points that your record has just been subjected to.

Black points are severe penalties used in Dubai to deter drivers from breaking the law. To ensure that drivers obey the law for their own safety and the protection of other road users, Dubai's black points system works in conjunction with set fines and occasionally, additional punishments.

The following is a list of offenses and the corresponding black points and fines they carry:

OffenseBlack PointsFines
Highest Black Points 
Unauthorized use of a vehicle to transport passengers24AED 300
Unauthorized transportation of harmful and hazardous material24AED 3000
Driving without any  license plates on the vehicle 23AED 3000
Driving while endangering others 23AED 2000
Driving under the influence of alcohol23Court-decision
Driving while harming others’ properties 23AED 2000
Accidents that have injured others23Court-decision
Accidents that have resulted in the death of others23Court-decision
For Heavy Vehicles 
Not stopping after having a minor accident16AED 1000
Running away from the policeman16AED 1000
Leakage from heavy vehicles 12AED 3000
Not adhering to lane rules 12AED 1500
School bus not adhering to the precautionary measures6AED 500
A heavy vehicle that might cause harm to the road due to its load 6AED 2000
A heavy vehicle that might cause harm to others due to its load6AED 2000
No side or rear lights 4AED 500
Poor side or rear lights4AED 500
Unauthorized entry of heavy vehicleAED 1000
For Light Vehicles and Motor Bikes
Light vehicle running away from the policeman12AED 800
Motorbikes passing a red light 12AED 1000
Light vehicles passing a red light 12AED 1000
Not stopping after causing a minor accident 8AED 500
Stopping in undesignated areas for taxis 4AED 500
Absence of helmet on motorbikes 4AED 500
Absence of helmets for passengers on motorbikes 4AED 500
Other Traffic Infractions
Exceeding the speed limit by 60 to 80 km/h12AED 2000
Altering chassis or engine without authorization12AED 1000
Noisy vehicle12AED 2000
License use on different vehicle 12AED 400
Not stopping for an activated school bus’s stop sign10AED 1000
Entering from prohibited road8AED 1000
Not giving away from an emergency or public service vehicles6AED 3000
Exceeding the speed limit by less than 60 km/h6AED 1500
Overtaking from the hard shoulder6AED 1000
Pollution-causing vehicle 6AED 1000
Littering 6AED 1000
Stopping for no apparent reason6AED 1000
Parking in spaces for those of determination6AED 1000
Entering the road dangerously6AED 600
Poor light conditions6AED 400
Transporting passengers for a vehicle not licensed for this purpose 4AED 1000
Participating in an unauthorized motorcade 4AED 500 
Expired tires4AED 500
Expired registration4AED 500
Expired license 4AED 500
Unlicensed vehicle4AED 500
Uninsured vehicle 4AED 500
Driving against traffic4AED 600 
Use of unpermitted foreign license 4AED 1000
Misuse of horn4AED 400
Driving in violation of weather conditions and rules by authorities 4AED 500
Driving in fog without lights4AED 500
Driving at night without lights 4AED 500
Unauthorized load on the vehicle4AED 500
Dangerous loading 4AED 500
Unauthorized turns 4AED 500
Passenger limit excess4AED 500
Misuse of vehicle’s purpose4AED 300
Entering a road without making sure that the road is clear4AED 400
Not maintaining a safe distance4AED 400
Passenger not wearing a seatbelt4AED 400
Not wearing seatbelt4AED 400
Dismissing the policeman’s instructions 4AED 400
Distracted while driving 4AED 800
Texting or talking on the phone while driving 4AED 800
Dangerously reversing 4AED 500
Sudden swerving4AED 1000
Driving below the minimum speed limit, when available 4AED 400
Indicators of poor performance2AED 400
Lights in poor performance 2AED 400

In some of the cases above, suspending your driver’s license between 30 and 90 days is also a possibility, especially with infractions of high degrees. 

How to Pay for Traffic Fines?

In the UAE, checking and paying traffic fines can happen online via the website or application of the Ministry of Interior as well as the websites of Emirates Vehicle Gate, Abu Dhabi Police, Dubai Police, RTA - Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah eGovernment. Or you can choose to visit the Dubai Police offices to pay the fine in person. Whether you are paying online or in person, you need to have your driver’s license with you along with the fine itself. 

What happens when drivers get black points in Dubai?

The black points in Dubai keep adding up against your driving license for each traffic infraction you break. The RTA suspends your driving privileges for a predetermined period of time once you have accrued 24 black points. The length of license suspension depends on how many offenses resulted in 24 black points being assessed against your Dubai driver's license.

  • First Offense: A three-month license suspension
  • Second Offense: A Six-month license suspension
  • Third Offense: In addition to a one-year license suspension, you must enroll in driving lessons from an authorized driving school in Dubai and retake the driving test. 

How to reduce accumulating fines and black points on driving licenses in Dubai?

In Dubai, a suspended driving license is possible if you have black points. Fortunately, there are strategies in Dubai to lower your black points. Drivers who want to lower their black points can enroll in special trainings offered by the Dubai Police. Anyone who has accrued more than 8 but fewer than 24 black points for breaking Dubai's traffic laws is eligible to sign up for the program. You can get 8 black points off your driving record in Dubai by enrolling in and passing the course.

Moreover, if someone else has caused you to accrue penalty points on your license, you can ask to have those points transferred to the offender's license.

By adhering to the law and avoiding fines, every driver should keep themselves safe as well as the safety of those around them.  Keeping up with general traffic laws and the kinds of black points they incur when broken will help one achieve this. Remember, in the UAE, not having any black points is the easiest approach to get rid of them. Drive safe!

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