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UAE Driving License Renewal: Process, Fees, Fines, and More

Posted By Excellence Driving on Apr 26th, 2023

Driving is necessary for daily life in the UAE. Having a valid driver's license is essential in a nation known for its reliable infrastructure and stringent traffic laws. This step-by-step guide will show you how to renew your driving license in Dubai, UAE.

Who is eligible for driving license renewal in Dubai, UAE?

Individuals who hold valid driving licenses in the UAE are eligible for renewal of these licenses. Hence, it is critical to understand the requirements for obtaining a Dubai driving license. Residents of Dubai who are at least 18 years old can apply for a driving license in accordance with RTA regulations. Residents under the age of 21 may apply for a probationary license to drive. Six months after receiving your initial learner's permit, you can apply to take a driving test.

Documents needed for renewing UAE driving license 

In Dubai, the following documents are necessary for driving license renewals:

  • A valid Emirates ID is required. 
  • Applicants older than 21 must undergo eye testing. 

What are the fees for renewing a driver's license in Dubai, UAE?

The cost to renew a driver's license in Dubai varies. The renewal charge for a Dubai driver's license for those over 21 is 300 AED. An additional cost of 20 AED is required as part of the Knowledge and Innovation fees. 

If you are under 21, you would need 100 AED to renew your license and 20 AED in fees for Knowledge and Innovation. 

Penalties and fines for delaying driving license renewal

Customers who hold off renewing their driver's license for longer than one month will be subject to a monthly fine. The license expiration date is used to calculate the monthly delay fine of 10 AED/month and up to a maximum of 500 AED. If the license has been expired for more than ten years, it is only then necessary to pay the periodic renewal fees and take the evaluation test.

How to renew driving license in Dubai - steps & procedures

The RTA has offered several online options for renewing driving licenses in Dubai. Here are some of the channels you can use.

Official RTA Dubai website

A comprehensive and simple-to-use tool for online Dubai license renewal is available on the RTA's official website. Simply follow these procedures to apply for a new license or to renew an existing one:

  1. Conduct the required eye tests at one of the eye test facilities. 
  2. Visit the Services tab and proceed to the Driver and Vehicle Owner Services section on the official RTA website.
  3. Click on the Apply for Renewing a Driving License tab.
  4. Enter your Emirates ID or driver's license information.
  5. Submit all necessary paperwork.
  6. Pay all fines or fees that are required (if applicable).
  7. Get your license from one of the Happiness Centers in Al Barsha or Deira.
  8. You can also arrange for delivery of your new license by adding AED 25 in shipping costs.

Dubai Drive APP

You may easily renew your driver's license with the RTA Dubai Drive App. Both Android and iOS users can download the app. The steps are the same as those on the RTA website. Using this app while driving in Dubai is convenient. It is actually among the most helpful apps for drivers in Dubai.

Service centers

In Dubai, there are numerous locations to renew a driver's license. Some of these clinics also have eye testing resources. Renewal of a driver's license is a simple process. All you have to do is: 

  1. go to any eye testing facility and have your eyes examined, 
  2. apply for a driver's license renewal as soon as your tests are successful, 
  3. and pay all penalties and costs that are due. 

Any Customer Happiness Center can produce a copy of the temporary license for you.


Another choice is to apply for a driving license renewal at the RTA kiosks, in addition to online services and RTA Service Centers located across Dubai. The process for renewing a license at a kiosk is the same as the process at Service Centers.

What is the validity of a driving license once renewed?

Driving permits can be renewed for 5 years for residents and 10 years for citizens of the UAE and GCC. In the majority of the emirates, driver’s license renewal is possible online. You must pay all outstanding traffic fines before your driver's license can be renewed. 

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